Thursday, 14 October 2010

Off Season

There's not much to write about but here's a short blog to keep you updated.

The off season is going pretty well, I’m eating lots of nasty food which I don’t normally get to eat once I’m training, and the bicycle wheels have been pretty stationary since Newnham. Pizza and banoffee pie have been the highlights of the meals so far! I’ve put back on a few pounds but as normal this will only help keep me warm during those winter base miles.

Yesterday evening I rode the bike for the second time since Newnham. The Mountain Trax Wednesday night shop rides are great interval sessions especially when riding a heavy big travel freeride bike and the rides always create large amounts of amusement. The Exposure Maxx D and Diablo did a fantastic job giving me 2000 lumens to light up the trail. I’ll be excited to try the new 1800 lumen Six Pack when it’s available in a few weeks.

Last week I attended trade day at the Cycle Show in London with the aim of gathering potential contacts for sponsorship. So far the hunt for 2011 teams seems to be going well, hopefully everything will be finalised by November so I can forget all the negotiations and concentrate on riding my bike. Will post more news when I can!

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