Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Stage 5 diary from Joberg2c South Africa

1pm Tuesday 30th April

We are now over half way through Joberg2c, today’s stage 5 was meant to be an easy recovery day at just 98 kilometres, there was lots of fast rolling fireroad sections so that groups could work together. What should have been easy turned into a proper suffer fest, the riders in 6th place in the general classification didn’t stop at feed zone 1, Tim did, and so I had to wait. The result was an 18 kilometres smashfest where I sat on the front of the chase group which included the rest of the top riders, no one else was willing to help and they were hating the fact I was ruining their recovery day. For 18 kilometres I sat at 170 bpm plus chasing down these 2 escapees, I chased them all the way to the base of the mountains where we caught them. Having just smashed myself for the last 45 minutes the pro’s rode away from us on the first climbs, luckily the Avis riders who I’d chased down were just as ruined.

After yesterdays solo effort the last thing I needed was another hard day today. Even better is the fact that we have 2500 metres of climbing to do tomorrow in 90 kilometres. Dan our mechanic and campervan driver had a pretty rough day also with the police directing him and others in the convoy the wrong way meaning they got lost.

Despite the suffering we weren’t the only ones, we think team Contego had an issue of some sort and will have dropped way down the general classification so our ride today might have gained us 4th place overall, we won’t know for sure though till dinner tonight when the results will be posted in the dining marquee.

We are all pretty tired right now in camp, I wonder if I’ll wake up tomorrow morning. Think I might just go to bed now and not get up till 5.15 tomorrow morning.

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