Sunday, 5 February 2012

No racing, just training

This afternoon’s blog was meant to be a story of another race, possibly another race victory but instead as you know it snowed and the Gorrick race was cancelled. As snow fell last night I went to bed still looking forward to racing, hoping it wouldn’t be too bad but no such luck as the weather beat us all.

Since my last update I’ve been enjoying plenty of time riding bone dry trails with numerous 6 hour plus rides, I was pretty happy with the 80 mile mountain bike ride I did on Thursday but I’m a little disappointed to have missed out on the opportunity to do another long endurance ride on what were dry trails yesterday.

On these recent cold wintery days my Montane clothing has been keeping me warm and on Thursdays ride the freezing conditions weren’t an issue. With the pockets of my Montane Hyena jacket packed with Clif Bar’s and my Lezyne saddle bag filled with spares I departed at 9am with the only thought being whether I should be taking my Exposure lights with me! The epic ride started off following one of my normal 60 miles mountain bike routes but as I was nearing three quarters distance I decided I’d divert off route to do the other long loop we often do. Doing these two routes together in one day wasn’t something I’d done before but the clear blue skies and dry trails were inspiring. Stopping off at Mountain Trax for a catch up with progress of the store refurbishment and a bottle refill was completed quickly as by now I’d already been out for nearly five and a half hours and had another 15 miles of singletrack riding left to do before darkness fell. In the end the 80 miles seemed to roll around pretty quickly in part thanks to the huge amounts of fun I’d been having on the big wheeled Santa Cruz Highball, this thing really does eat up the miles.

Looking out the window now the snow is melting which I’m thankful for because there’s only so many intervals sessions on the indoor rollers I can cope with! Interval sessions have crept into my weekly training schedule and will feature most weeks from now until the end of the season. The feeling of sprinting up a hill feeling like your going to be sick, or starring at a brick wall for a couple of hours isn’t much fun and isn’t the reason why we ride our bikes but as all racers know, if it make us faster and brings better race results then its worthwhile.

With no Gorrick race today my next race will be Andalucia Bike Race; this Spanish race will be my first stage race of the year. I’ll be pairing up with fellow Santa Cruz Bikes rider Josh Ibbett for the 5 day event. Check out for more details of that race. For more details on my race schedule for the year check out

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